Improve YOUR Inspirational Speaking Skills To:
1.  Deliver YOUR Clear Message.
2.  Tap Into Emotions and Logic.
3.  Be Likeable, Credible and Fascinating Too!     
When YOU Inspire, YOUR target audience will think, feel, believe, and/or behave differently - because - YOU CHANGE THEM.  Your message is internalized within each listener.

Furthermore, you earn 'Know, Like, and Trust', the currency of collaboration.  This is true when your live audience - at the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Vancouver B.C.- is 2600 people. This is true when your potential internet video viewing audience - is more than 1 million people.  This is true when your board room audience - is 8 people.  This is true, when you sit down to enjoy coffee with one person. 

When you are ready to Inspire, a little help can make a huge difference.​​  Engage Renee for business speaking, business training workshops, public workshops, or one-on-one coaching.  A little help can make all the difference.
Award Winning Speaker
Speaker Coach
Renee Jacobs O.D., M.A.

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COACHING: One-On-One Speaker Coaching

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It might be a TED talk, or you are presenting at a business conference, or you are planning a critical business meeting.

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Renee’s super power is word smithing, and improving language to make the story more dynamic and colorful. 


 Love, Curiosity, and WIND!!


Starting on the TEDx journey was bigger than I ever imagined. I am very glad I had a coach like Renee by my side. Learning to get to the essence of your key message as a speaker is no easy task. Communicating that message using story, words, emotion and stage presence were all part of the tools I was able to put in my tool box - courtesy of my time with Renee. Renee has the ability to help a speaker identify their message, craft the message into a story and use that story to connect with the audience. She uses her own skills as a powerful speaker to help move others to dig deep and really master the art of speaking. For me, the lessons and skills I have learnt during my time with Renee as my coach will be used for many years to come. The ability to write, connect and communicate a clear, compelling message are essential. Thank you Renee for helping me get on the TEDx stage and share my message!  Claire Snyman  President & CEO - Synapse Consulting & TEDx Speaker
Renee is not only a master teacher, she is a master story teller and speech writer.  She knows the craft, the science and the art of communication.  Renee not only helped me craft a compelling speech, she taught me how to use staging to enhance my talk.  I recommend Renee to anyone who wants to move their audience to take action.  Melissa Haynes  Adventure Junkie, Published Scribbler & TEDx Speaker
To say gratitude is kind of 'my thing' is the understatement of the year and I couldn't be more grateful for Dr. Renee Jacobs.  Renee's expertise in scriptwriting, staging, and creatively conveying a message is incredible.  The Key to her brilliance as a speaker coach likes in her compassion.  Renee genuinely cares more about your success than that of her own, exactly what you look for in a good coach.  I couldn't have performed as well as I did on stage at TEDx Stanley Park without Renee.  Mike Shaw  SafeStart Athletics & TEDx Speaker
Renee is a truly gifted speaking coach.  As an accomplished speaker herself, she has a deep understanding of the technical aspects of speeches for different purposes.  ~~  As a TED speaker, I benefited greatly from Renee's keen ability to quickly see where my speech wasn't working.  Renee has a unique ability to assess a speech without being caught up in emotion or her own point of view.  She consistently offered a fair, direct, and soution driving critique.  Anyone wanting to take their speech to the next level would benefit from Renee's masterful coaching.  Camille Mehta  Artist & TEDx Speaker